Everyday routes illustration (map)

There was a time in our life (I suppose when my husband and I started dating) when none of us had a car. We didn't live together yet and public transport between our houses almost didn't exist, so we walked a lot. Our everyday routes started and ended in one of: my mom's home where I used to live, my husand's home where we live now and my parents'-in-law home who we often visited.

Time of the year was awful - rainy and cold November (as usual) so we were very happy when we finally bought a car, but now I like to remind myself about these walks. That's why I created these simple illustrations showing our routes. Plus, we are going to sell our apartment and move to bigger one, so all ways to keep memories about our current home are precious.

Please let me know which map version do you like more? Do you like these maps without any labels or would you add some?

Grey & red version:Everyday routes map - version grey&red

Black & pink version:

Everyday routes map - version black&pink

This map does not show whole city we live in - I drew only the part of the city which was important regarding our walks and only the most important streets.

If you would like to have similar illustration of your routes let me know - I'm going to add such custom map to my etsy shop. There are many possibilities of your routes:

  • romantic walks
  • commuting to your first work
  • your walks to school and friends when you were a child / teenager
  • everyday walks with your dog
  • all of them on one map

Think of this project in terms of keeping memories for you or someone else you love.