Shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated basing on your location. For multiple paintings the shipping cost stays the same!

  • 30$ to Europe & North America
  • 35$ to Asia & Australia

Return policy

My RETURN POLICY is simple:


Your home is YOUR PLACE and if for any reason my art doesn't fit it - it's smaller / bigger than you expected, the color doesn't match your room as you thought it will or you simply changed your mind - you're free to return it!

I won't be upset or feel offended, I promise :) My wish is to make you happy with my art, not uncomfortable about making a wrong purchase!

How does return process actually looks like:

  • within 30 days from receiving my paintings you need to notify me you want to return them
  • paintings need to be in the same condition as when you received them
  • you need to pack them carefully in the way I described above - the easiest way to do this is by keeping packaging in which I sent you the paintings, but if you already don't have it I'll provide you with the full instruction how to pack them via e-mail
  • you send me back the paintings
  • as soon as I receive them I'll send you a refund (purchase price reduced by my shipping costs)


If the package you received seems to be damaged or partially opened please take photos of it before you unpack it - it will allow me to issue a complaint on postal service as soon as I receive photos from you. 

If the paintings are damaged please take photos of paintings and packaging and send them to me. If they're detailed enough I'll send you a refund basing on photos (no need to resend me a package).


All my paintings are carefully packaged in several protective layers:

  • protective sleeve (it protects the painting's surface)
  • styrofoam sheets
  • plastic bag (waterproof layer)
  • bubble wrap
  • cardboard box

All these layers ensure the paintings arrive at your door in the perfect condition.

I ship paintings twice a week. I ship my paintings from Poland so you'll have to wait for your package 2-3 weeks from actual shipping date (this timeframe was tested for US customers).


My shop is secured by SSL which makes all your private data provided during purchase and a purchase process itself safe.

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SSL provides three important security benefits:

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  • Authentication: Protects against impersonation by requiring web server proof of identity.

Care note


Please treat these paintings very carefully and frame them under glass as soon as possible. Although they have been protected with a layer of fixative, they may be still prone to smudging - please do not touch them, especially the soft pastel marks, and keep them in the protective sleeves until handing them to your framer.
Do not spray any sort of fixative or coating on your paintings in the framing process or allow your framer to do so. Your paintings have already been fixed with an archival spray. Further coating or fixing may change the colors in your paintings, damage the paper or dislodge the pastel particles from the surface. Keep them flat, supported from underneath and facing upwards to protect the pastel surface.


Choose a dry place indoors out of direct sunlight. Sunlight, even filtered through a window, is the enemy of all fine artwork. It degrades paper and canvas and may fade pigments. As any other works on paper these paintings are very sensitive to moisture - they should not be hung in bathroom or kitchen.